hey. i am christina appleberry. sometimes people call me christina, but sometimes people call me appleberry. it is difficult to start one of these things. where do i begin? where do i start? how long does it last? can love be measured by the hours in a day? etc? i think the best thing is to just think of this as a place for me to put stuff for myself and not as a thing that anyone will ever look at. but if someone other than me ended up here, what would they want/need to know about me?


q: how tall are you?

a: 5’12”

q: where are you from?

a: san francisco and berkeley.

q: how are you?

a: oh, i’m okay.

people don’t usually ask, but next i’ll list some things that i like. the list will not be exhaustive.

  • LEGO
  • comedy
  • american football (i am a 49ers fan)
  • crossword puzzles
  • books
  • ice cream

i’m in a library studies program and i’m almost done and i’m totally unprepared.

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